Monday 21 May 2012

Music Monday: Bee Gees - More than a woman

Just as I was logging off from the interweb last night, news was just filtering through that Robin Gibb had passed away. I won't be the first or last person to do some sort of tribute for Robin Gibb in the coming days but whether you realise it or not you do know at least one the Bee Gees songs. You have probably even danced to one of their songs too, yes you have!

I can blame my parents for playing Bee Gees music in the car when I was growing up but it was the movie "Saturday Night Fever" that pulled me in to their music. I loved that movie and I still love that movie. As I sit typing this a remix of their songs is going round in my head, their distinctive voices and the sound of disco beats through my ears. This is my favourite Bee Gees song from Saturday Night Fever;

Everything about the song makes me smile, it's just such a beautiful song. Don't forget to do the dance moves!

RIP Robin and thank you for the music

Yes. Music Mondays are baaaaaaack!



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