Thursday, 31 May 2012

Blog Love - May

The past week has been summer fun in the sun, today we're back to much cooler and cloudier times. Although I know I'm going to sound like an oldie but the garden does need a good rain downpour as the gardens and bees are suffering. Yes bees need water! The sun has also made some of my plants shoot up, especially my rhubarb and my strawberry plants have very dark green leaves. 
A blog about candles. Really? Yes. A blog about candles. The two ladies that run it are absolutely fabulous. Not that I'm biased or anything... Follow the blog! 
Blogging tips mixed with fashion pieces are all here and mixed with a great ebook and ecourse. Another vital site to read for tips on what you might be missing with your writing. 
The Queen has been put in goal. This witty tumblr have put The Queen in between the football goalposts, it's silly but I like it. 
Photography mixed with crafts. I've got many of her designs saved for little projects that are on my "someday" list. She also has lots of fantastic giveaways too. 
Another fashion blog but this time it's crammed with blogging tips. The tips are mainly for fashion type blogs but there are many tips that you can adapt to your own blog. They are pretty fabulous to follow on pinterest too! 

My random song of the month is this one... don't judge me! But this gets stuck in my head all the time. AARGH!


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