Saturday 19 May 2012

11 things I learnt last night

A night in with friends soon turned into a night in and then out with friends. It wasn't supposed to get as messy as it eventually did and my hangover today has been monumental. I'm pretty sure it'll last a few days too, oh the drama!

So anyway here's the 11 things I learnt last night;

1- I still cannot shuffle a pack of cards without at least one falling on the floor. If I smoosh them about on the table I still manage to get them facing the wrong way

2- Don't break your card shuffle machine (see point 1)

3- When playing poker I win with a crap hand. I had a pair of twos in my hand and won last night. My friends are suckers!

4- When playing poker I lose with a good hand as I have a massive grin on my face. They know it's good and then I lose confidence and fold. Dammit!

5- Remember at school when your teachers used to say "keep all four legs of that chair on the floor"? Well, that rule still applies apparently...

6- Deciding to head into town late on a Friday night and realising most of the clubs we used to go into are either re-named or boarded up! Getting old I guess...

7. Getting chatted up by a guy wearing a t-shirt saying LEGEND and an arrow down to his crotch does not bode well for conversation as you're giggling and a bit too drunk by now

8- Meeting LEGEND's mate, wearing a Cookie Monster t-shirt and then realise no one will come to your rescue when you need them to!

9- Someone always falls off a stage, step or pebble at some point. Last night it was a bench outside the club when one friend declared he was the king of the world and then fell off the back of the bench. He was ok. Slight bruise this morning on his toe apparently. Odd!

10- Kebabs are always a great idea until you try to eat them. They are the messiest things to eat anyway and when you're drunk x 100. Pretty sure no one ever got "lucky" by the way they drunkenly ate a kebab...

11- When my best friend orders a cab she forgets her name and uses the name Penelope to book it. We missed our cab because he turned up asked for Penelope and she forgot her taxi name. She remembered a while later when we were finally back home "I'm Penelope!" Brilliant!

So there are my 11 things I learnt last night. I probably should learn not to drink so much... but where's the fun in that eh? :-)


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