Sunday 18 September 2011

Weekly Loves

The weather has not been that sunny this summer and I've noticed that the bees have struggled with the changing climate from week to week and even day to day. I did one day this week manage to get out in the garden and watch a bee having fun on the buddleia. He went round and round for ages :-)

- I have started a new job and as such I'm yet to get myself back into any organisational Sarah time and it's really been annoying me... maybe this week will be different

- My google reader has over 500 things to read in it... I will get round to it at some point!

- I love my slow cooker. This week I've made parsnip and chilli soup, sausage and onion casserole and lamb hotpot. They are such a good investment when you're not in the mood to cook in the evenings.

- I've now got addicted to comic book type series The Cape, well you all know how much I like David Lyons don't you?

- Also just started watching Cashmere Mafia, it's only one series which due to how much TV I seem to be watching at the moment is probably a good thing

- I am sitting writing this trying to put the upcoming Manchester United v Chelsea match that is on later today firmly out of my mind... it is not working :-(

- I'm loving the Rugby World Cup. England are not playing that great but are still getting the wins, but they need to improve to progress. Looking forward to seeing more Dan Carter this week ;-)

- I have much writing to catch up on once I'm organised at home. I have not forgotten about you!

Enjoy the rest of your Sundays!


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