Sunday 11 September 2011

Weekly Loves

Skittles in a box!

I forgot to do a weekly loves last week *slaps hand* so this one is two weeks rolled into one! I've been heavily addicted to skittles recently after I realised the reason I couldn't find them in shops was because I was looking for the bags and not the boxed (see pic above).

- I've also realised I might be able to eat my weight in grapes! Cannot stop once I start eating one. Healthy really ;-)

- The Rugby World Cup has started, this makes me very happy!

- Been watching Sex & The City from the start again and I've decided it was always Aidan... discuss :-)

- Falling Skies ended in spectacular fashion and I'm relieved a second series is being made

- I read Gary Neville's book in less than a day to try to avoid spoilers from people. It is a fantastic book and reading it like that reminded me of when I used to do the same with a new Harry Potter book. Good memories!

- Fast forwarding to the bit in Eat, Pray, Love where David Lyons gets naked Watching Eat, Pray, Love in full on Sky Movies

- Skittles :-)

- Still working my way through The IT Crowd episodes. They really are worth watching!

- Have you ever tried to apply fake lashes and it's made you look scary and spider-like. Well this blog might help!

- Bestie played this song all week. She rang me up singing it, put it as a video screensaver on my computer! I'm not complaining I love Adam Levine!

Did you all had a good week?


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