Sunday, 4 September 2011

I love to laugh - Part 1

I have mentioned a few times already on my blog how much I love to have a giggle. I have also put up a variety of TV comedians and shows that have made me laugh over the years but recently I started to put it all in order. So this, Part 1 will go through my first laughs growing up. Some I had almost forgotten about but to this day they still make me giggle.

These all came before the age of ten. I still watch them all now, the only one I'd forgotten about was Mr Pastry.

Mr Pastry

Teehee! I remember me and my brother were both fascinated by him!

Laurel & Hardy

He's behind you!

Tommy Cooper

I was fascinated by him. I'd never seen a "magician" get things wrong before... but then every now and then he did proper magic. He still fascinates me to this day!

Morecambe & Wise

Christmas time isn't complete without a bit of Morecambe & Wise is it?

Part 2 will go through the things that made me laugh through my teenage years :-)


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