Thursday, 28 November 2013

Music Randomness

So... I kinda forgot to write a Music Monday for this week. Did you notice? If not, ignore that I have reminded you that something was missing and start from the next sentence.

With Christmas just around the corner, you know it is - don't even pretend! My musical side takes a more Christmas route in the run up so I thought I would do a group post as there are one or two songs that are currently locked into my brain that need to be shared. Aren't you all lucky? Yes. Yes you are.

These are in no particular order at all

Everyday by Slade

It's that song from the Google Nexus advert and I can't say I've ever heard the song before... but it gets stuck in my head. Arghhhhhhhhhhhh!

It doesn't make me want to buy a Google Nexus tablet though...

Go Gentle by Robbie Williams

I used to really like him, now not so much. I really like this song written for his daughter but only when I hear it on the radio...

Only Time by Enya

I know exactly why this has been stuck in my head and I'll link the video at the bottom of this music list. I love a bit of Enya to relax the soul

Lose Yourself to Dance by Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams

I have been playing the new Daft Punk album again a lot recently and this is one of my favourites from it. Sure it is repetitive and catchy... that's why it's stuck in my head!

Of the Night by Bastille

Two of my favourite 90's songs (Rhythm of the Night by Corona and Rhythm is a Dancer by Snap!) are mashed together in a sombre tone. The 90's songs were big dance numbers and they have turned this into a more brooding song. I'm not sure if it is just because I know the lyrics still or if it's because I really love their version. At the moment it's another earworm.

See? All completely random. Like me ;-)

Lastly, here is the advert that is to blame for the Enya song being in my head. This is a real stunt by the way, he actually does this (and don't try this at home, nearest car park or anywhere else!)

Amazing, right with a little bit of OUCH!

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