Monday 18 November 2013

Music Monday: Elvis Presley - Always on my Mind

I watched the countdown to the best Elvis song on ITV a week or so ago (voted for by the public from a list selected) and I had already picked my three favourites. My brother had also picked his favourite very quickly too, so quickly that I had barely had time to think about mine! I'm not a big Elvis fan... hang on, I need to explain this better.

I love his music but I don't really know the order in which songs were released. I have an idea but I would fail to get the songs in the right years or even close I think. I didn't really know who wrote his songs or anything like that but I have seen many videos over the years of him performing to know I would have enjoyed watching him. So... not a fan but the man was a musical genius. Yes. Just don't quiz me on him, ok?

Anyway, 'Always on my Mind' was voted No 1 and I know it has been covered since and each time a new added level has been put on, Willie Nelson's version can make me cry and the Pet Shop Boys can make me sing a long with their earworm version. As I said I know only little bits of Elvis' history really, I had no idea that this song was released when he was separating from his wife Priscilla. It added a new dimension to the song for me, raw emotion. I had no clue about the timing.

Yep. Weepy again.

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