Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Gordon Ramsey's Ultimate Cookery Course

I love cooking and I absolutely love cookery programmes and you might have missed this one start this week. Gordon Ramsey's Ultimate Cookery Course started on Monday at 5pm (yes, well before the watershed!) and it is on every day on Channel 4. The programme is 30 minutes long with plenty of recipes and tips.

On Monday we were told how important your frying pan was, so don't be afraid if you use yours loads too. There were tips about how to sharpen your knives to how to pick the best chicken at the butchers. The recipes were really simple and most took less than 30 minutes.

There is a book that accompanies the series which I'm going to have to purchase. It's also a good time to watch it as 5pm means you're hungry for dinner unlike when I watch The Great British Bake Off at 8pm and snack!

You can catch up with the programme on 4OD but I'd watch it before you're about to eat or at least make sure you have low fat snacks on hand....



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