Friday, 16 August 2013

Extrovert or Introvert?

At a recent family 'do' my Dad asked me if I thought I was extrovert or introvert. A bit of an odd thing to ask maybe but I answered "Sort of both". It's quite clear that I am extrovert but I do mix into parts of being introverted at times.

Both my parents are introverts and so is my brother. They do not like big social situations, they feel awkward but I love them. I love meeting new people, I love talking (stop laughing at me!) and I do often act first, think later! Oops.

I do however enjoy my own company. I enjoy being around people but I also like it when it's quiet and just me. I do have a tendency to overthink things and whilst being alone could make people get into an overthinking mode, it doesn't for me. Well, not ALL the time. I can still find it awkward in some social occasions when you don't share anything in common with someone or they are so shy that everything you say just gets a nod of their head back. I feed off of the people I spend time with, my friends are probably a mix of extroverts and introverts but I think we all feel comfortable to just be ourselves now.

So yes, I'm extroverted and proud (and loud about it) ;-)


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