Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Overuse your punctuation at your peril

I will sound like a massive hypocrite as I write this as I do overuse punctuation sometimes BUT not in professional emails. There seems to be a trend to ask a question and follow that question with ?????? Just one will do.

Will I answer your email quicker? No. Am I p****d off with your rudeness? Yes.

I've even seen this creep into eBay messaging, when was it allowed to do a ?? or ??????? My favourite amongst social networking is the very confusing


Is it a statement is it a question? I don't know and that's the point, it's something I'm drawing attention to but I share this with people who only know me by username or are friends and family and get me (I hope!).

Across the sites I write for I read emails every day from professional (apparently) SEO writers, I have really only found a few that don't overuse question marks.

Example; Can I write for your site?????????????


I think there is a time and place for overuse of punctuation but I use it to express a feeling, however bad that might come across. I think others (especially sending emails on behalf of a brand/company) need to think about that and why sometimes, I might take longer to reply to their email.

Yes, I can be a sulky so and so.

Deal with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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