Saturday 10 March 2012

Flowercard Review - Delivering a smile

It's Mother's Day on Sunday 18th March and here is a great idea for a different gift for it. Flowercard have an assortment of different designs for these cards and inside are real flowers.

This is a very different take to just sending flowers and a card as they come together as one. They arrive in a lovely box with instructions for how to look after your flowers. There is even a water pipette to make sure they are kept topped up with water in the green oasis at the bottom of the card.

They box is sturdy enough to make sure no damage is done to your flowers in transit. The box is however too big to fit into a letterbox. Flowercard say there are "Delivering a smile" and they certainly made me smile when I opened the box. You can also personalise the card with your own words to make your card even more special.

A lovely gift with a twist with flowercards priced at around £19.99 with a delivery charge on top. So remember Mother's Day is fast approaching do get ordering. Also Flowercard is a handy site to remember for other special occasions throughout the year.


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