Sunday 28 June 2009

Weekend Update

My fish tank is now clean(ish) and I'm pleased to report that all the new fish have been getting on well with each other and of course our first fish Luke. He however is definitely the tank bully still, chasing the little ones out of his way and for gobbling up the most food! They have been introduced to spinach, grapes and peas; the latter is definitely the favourite as I had to fish (ha ha) out the other uneaten choices! Cleaning out the tank was quite easy and although it took me some time to work out the siphon cleaner we got there eventually. Tested the water tank about 5 hours later and it was perfect! So relieved.

Caught up on more TV recordings, the wonders of Sky+ Although everything seems to come nowhere near the finale of the fifth season of Greys Anatomy from Thursday night-totally hooked throughout the two hours! Cannot wait for season six, must find out who lives...Season six of One Tree Hill starts in July, can't wait to find out who Lucas rung and asked to marry him at the end if season five, Lindsay? Brooke? Peyton? It has to be Peyton right?

And then there's The Unit that has just started, ER (the final series - weep!), Dexter, Lie To Me, The Mentalist, House, Brothers and Sisters and The Guardian. Just a few programmes to keep me entertained! I have really enjoyed The TV adaptation of Martina Cole's The Take which finishes this week, she really likes to put a lot of violence in her books doesn't she? Fantastic though all the same!

Cupcake making is pencilled in my diary for this Wednesday, have ordered some individual silicone bakeware cases, such a geek I know! Also been researching different toppings and sprinkles for cakes, terrible thing is I research cake making and then I make myself hungry and have to eat, not a great way for me at moment as I try to get fit! Speaking of fitness I did a thoroughly exhausting boxing workout on the wii the other day, my arms were sore for at least 48 hours! Might do it again this week...I emphasis the word 'might'.

Had woken up deaf Sunday morning but am now pleased due to the next door neighbour's cat scaring me whilst collecting tomatoes from the garden that I can now hear again fine. Speaking of the garden, tomatoes are doing very well I just need to re-pot one plant into a bigger pot. Lettuces, peas and runner beans are also coming along nicely. I am particularly proud of my little gerbera daisy seedlings, I have had several unsuccessful attempts at trying to grow them and finally I have little leaves coming up.

Will write again soon


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