Thursday 25 June 2009

Today's Update

4 new fishes for the tank! Katie, (named after Kate from The Apprentice) a white and red oranda and 3 zebra danio's. Luke, who we have had for a week seems to be boss of the tank. There was a chance we weren't going to be allowed more fishes as Luke was not well yesterday, but a change of diet and he is all better.

Next week will be my first attempt at proper cupcake making. I say proper as of course I've made cupcakes before but never made any proper big iced ones before. My brother found a recipe and it always helps in a recipe book to see a picture of what they look like or "should" look like! I have now made that sound like I'm a bad cook, I'm not, I even have Home Economics as a GCSE!

Yesterday I lost a little more weight which just put me in the ideal bracket on the body mass index calculator. Played wii tennis for about an hour this morning and now my arms are aching so badly.

Tonight is the season finale of Grey's Anatomy, and yes I know what happens! Twitter kindly told me as the series was finishing in America, and then it became a trend so I clicked on the trend and there was post after post about the ending! Yes I have learnt my lesson.

I interrupted my writing to set up my wireless broadband connection, easy it was not. Over 4 hours later and I'm back online wirelessly. Also I ate 4 bourbon biscuits to deal with stress which maybe I should claim back!

I'm off to watch a bit of tennis now, Hewitt and Roddick through already today. I wonder if Andy Murray will get through...



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