Sunday 26 July 2015

Eton Mess!

I've always been a big fan of Eton Mess, what's not to like? Strawberries, meringue and double cream... yum!

So even with the weather being particularly wet recently, I'm still bringing a touch of summer eating. 

Eton Mess is super easy to make and I've seen many recipes about making the strawberries into more of a puree form. I prefer to cut them up into smaller chunks, rather than puree them. I also find it is very helpful to have plenty of strawberries and meringue to eat as you make it, trust me! 

You can also add anything else that you want, Eton Mess can just be the base, maybe add some nuts or a strawberry sauce. Chocolate flake on top? 

Whatever you decide. Enjoy!

I was sent a £3 voucher via the Tesco Orchard programme to spend on summer berries and cherries. I spent the whole £3 on that tray of strawberries and they were yum and perfect for making this mess haha! 

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