Wednesday, 18 February 2015

5 films I have loved recently

I have had a bit of a 'movie time' recently, these are five that I have really enjoyed and I recommend them to you to see too. They are a bit of a mix of stuff though so you might not like them all.... I just have a varied taste!

American Sniper

After seeing the trailer I wasn't that sure I wanted to see it because there's a scene in it that's a bit too real for me. Yes, the trailer even made me weep a little. I know you want this sort of film to be real but yeah... ok I'll shut up now! But seriously, see it.


The Equalizer

Everybody loves a Denzel Washington film. This is the film remake of the TV series of the same name from the 80's with Edward Woodward. There is talk of a sequel film too.


Big Hero 6

Oh how I love Baymax, this lovable marshmallow, huge robot. You'll laugh and cry.

You'll also never be able to do a "fist pump" handshake without... copying Baymax. I'm saying no more :D



I saw the trailer for this SO many times on various adverts on apps and blogs. I assumed because it was getting that push that it wasn't good, wrong! So very wrong. You'll understand why you need to be fit to be a drummer and you'll still want to be one!

The Best Of Me

All I will say, tissues! Two boxes.


Have you seen any of these? What else have you been watching?

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