Tuesday, 18 February 2014

I like the new you...

On my instagram there are over 250 photos and before this month the only photo of me on there was my profile photo. The standard photo that I had used across social networks for years. I've never been a "selfie" person and there are probably under ten photos of myself that I really like in the whole world. My definition of really like is that my Mum has some hung up in her house and they don't make me cringe or make me want to turn them over out of sight.

Now on my instagram there are three "selfie" photos of me all tagged with that and self confidence because I feel more confident in myself. It's not that I was surrounded by negativity or that I felt down about myself but I guess getting confidence from an unexpected source made me look at things differently. The main change is believing in myself more.

I didn't mind that my most popular photos on instagram were ones of food or Old Trafford. Both beautiful things in their own right though ;-)

With posting my face on instagram I felt safe, I chose not to post the link on twitter because my instagram has less followers and yes I was worried. My selfies didn't freak people out, actually people were really supportive and I have noticed an uptake in people joining in with the selfie craze. Yay!

I did stupidly forget that I had set up a widget thingamajig to post my instagram feed into my blog sidebar*. Sarah, you twonk!!! My little blog averages 15k views in a month so my 'be discreet selfie' was actually not so discreet. I did wonder how so many people were mentioning my photos in blog comments or on twitter. Oops. So, yes hi - that is me.

*You can only see the sidebar using the web version of my blog. There should be a link down at the bottom somewhere to switch to web version. Maybe. Well there should be one!

My Sarah selfies won't stop but they will feature amongst the food and football pictures this time. 2014 is all about feeling more confident in who I am and right now I'm feeling good. You can follow me on instagram here. Now one of my selfies has even made it to my twitter profile picture!

I've featured this song countless times on my blog as "my song" and I know I share it with my best mate Sam too. That song that makes you feel great about yourself, gives you inspiration and makes you smile.

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