Monday, 13 May 2013

Music Monday: - #thatPower


I refuse to acknowledge the other voice on this track, I refuse! I love music, all kinds but I had been doing a very good job of avoiding his music and then I started playing Song Pop and that ended. But then I guess I should discuss the main voice on this track, 

I will admit I have most of the Black Eyed Peas albums and although I do not know every song of theirs, I only know the ones they have released as singles, I would say I would qualify as being a sort of fan. As for the man himself, I have found him to be funny, arrogant, sincere at times, funny (did I say that already?) and very crazy. He has annoyed me several times on The Voice programme (which has got better recently, I moaned on twitter about it - oh the power #thatpower) but he is not the main annoyance on there so I can forgive him a bit. I do think that beyond the crazy side of him is someone who is incredibly good and passionate about what he does. 

So yes, I like this song, it is annoyingly catchy - even his vocal bits are catchy. The less said about's trousers the better I think!



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