Wednesday 20 March 2013

Plants Vs. Zombies FAIL!

I'm such a stubborn wotsit when purchasing games for my iPad. I have started to only put games on my iPad and use my iPhone for calls, texts, WhatsApp, twitter and the other randomness I have on there. I have also tried to stop downloading so many games... that's not gone so well admittedly. 

Plants Vs Zombies has always intrigued me but it's a paid app and whilst not being skint, I prefer to try out a game first and see whether I really do like it. It's just what I do! So at the end of February this game was free for two weeks I think.

In true "me" style I downloaded the game at gone midnight one Friday and I was up until 2am playing! Oops. I simply had to go to bed so off I went, dreaming of zombies... 

The next morning I woke up and in another "me" style I grabbed my iPad to get playing again. The game wouldn't load. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Deleted the app and start over, all my progress lost. It worked again and then repeat the process. I could continue to do this but this app was the App store's 'app of the week'. Update please!

I tweeted popcap and got nothing! Tweeted Plants Vs Zombies and I got a reply but that was weeks ago. The thing that really annoyed me was that they didn't acknowledge any complaints until the free period was over. They were tweeting loads about it being free BUT the app doesn't work we would cry!

The sceptic in me has seen they are waiting to bring out No 2 this year, anyone else think they won't bother to fix this app and just wait for the No 2 version to come out? The game is no longer free and yes I know that 69p will not break the bank for buying an app BUT buying an app that doesn't work would seriously p*** me off!

Also the lack of real feedback and announcements from Popcap make me think they don't care. 

Shame really, the game was good but I am one of those if you p*** me off once I won't hang around for it to happen again. Thoroughly put off No 2 and Popcap in general. So all round bad PR... oh no wait, non existent PR. Awful. 


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