Sunday, 9 October 2011

Are you judging me?

I've been thinking about this for a while, recent events have made it come to a head at a quicker rate and it left me a little off... but Bliss is back ;-) Every single day people are judging you and likewise you are judging others. You might not even realise it's happening sometimes and you might not realise that you are doing it.

Asking people how they would describe me at work they said;

A giggler

I know I might not always be those things, I'm not going to be happy or giggling the whole time but I do try to be ;-) Some people will perceive me to stick to that list always as that's how they see me in the majority. But I can't be like that the whole time. I know this. Those times are rare but it happens. 

Then there are the judgements that people make on you that you might not like or agree with. I'd never change for anyone but sometimes when you hear something that makes you think "but I'm not like that" it can make you look at yourself and try to change. Then there comes the hurt from people thinking something of you that is not true. Does everyone think that? How can you re-correct their thoughts? Does it really matter if some people don't "get" you?

I'm not changing but I'm aware, very much so in fact. Sure I'll make mistakes in the future and some will be there to notice the slips and judge me. But there are others who will notice the slip and help me back up. 

That's what I have to focus on, I have people who have got my back and I'll wear less slippy shoes! ;-)

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