Sunday, 5 July 2009

The Week Ahead...

All I keep thinking about is that One Tree Hill is back tomorrow night (E4 at 9pm), so very excited! I have managed to avoid any of the spoilers for this series except that I obviously know that Chad Michael Murray (Lucas) and Hilarie Burton (Peyton) leave at the end of this series.

I will be making more cakes at some point this week, and definitely using the same icing recipe that I had used last week. I forgot about posting the recipe for the cakes I had made and will do that later this week too.

My book planning has slowed a little, I thought I was more than ready to start writing it but after much research I have realised I still have a little more planning to do. I've read its good to write a history for each of your characters, nothing too much but enough so you can start to really understand each of them better.

I cleaned out the fish tank again yesterday, Luke is definitely still the tank bully. He enjoys chasing the zebra danio's out of his way, I'm sure he thinks soon the others will leave and he will be left with his tank all to himself again. They got treats this week of bloodworms and brine shrimp, I read on the internet the worse it smells the better it is. This stuff I got must be the best as it really does smell out the place!

My lovely gerbera's that I have been growing, I only now have one left - some little or maybe a big bug ate the leaves on all the others. I have now safely placed the remaining plant on my room windowsill and it seems to be developing well. I knew that they were hard to grow and they really weren't kidding about that!

Also in the process of setting up another blog but this one is devoted to Brothers and Sisters (the TV programme). Will be a steady progress as I set it all up, at the moment it just has quotes on it but will soon have information on characters, seasons, the stars of the show and all the latest news.

The Ashes is on this week so this will take up most of my days towards the end of the week I will try to multi task!

On Friday it is the season finale of Dexter, the trailer for it looks good. Could Dexter be about to get a taste of his own making?

Write more soon


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