Thursday, 24 March 2011

Vroom Vroom!

F1 is back this weekend and this girl is very happy, I've missed the vroom vroom (yes that's my car noise - shh!) and again there are new rules and already the competition it heating up at home. I'm firmly in the Red Bull camp, with a soft spot for Jenson Button and Spurs boy is still cheering on those Ferrari boys.

Little man seems to still be supporting Jenson this season but hasn't asked for his Button duvet yet, although has now got his Top Gear one on :-)

Over at the Daily Waffle one of the writers (@billymawa)  has been putting together her lead up to the F1 start and will continue through the season, you can follow them here.

For now here's a little BBC sneaky peak, and yes it does have that song :-)

So who are you cheering on this season?

Vroom Vroom! ;-)



Sameer Volvoicar said...

A little sad that Bahrain isn't kicking off the season... Hopefully the race will be included later in the year!

blissbubbley said...

Me too. I hope they do get to race there later in the season!

Cheers for reading!