Thursday, 10 March 2011


I should explain that 'strabbies' are what I called strawberries as a child, as such I still call them that. Last year our strawberry plants were quite successful. Some of the plants only survived the fruiting time but I took a chance on a few for this year.

I'd wrapped the pots in bubble wrap to protect them through the winter months. Just remember to check on your pots after heavy snow or rain as the weight can damage the plant. As you can see from the picture below I was very happy how many survived. When we had our heavy snow in December I was actually looking out of the window and saying "I hope my strabbies will be ok". Sad!

All unwrapped :-)

A little bit of re-potting and cutting away the dead leaves and they look so pretty. The ones in the black pots are the strongest biggest bushes and they had become a bit pot bound so they are now in slightly wider and deeper pots. The ones in my little trough thingy are the smaller ones but they each have new leaves growing. Getting out in the garden was great, I even had some help from Little man and he's just started to help with with our pepper and chilli plants too.

 Strabbies soon :-)

I love strabbies! :-)


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