Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Tutor Typing

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I may have mentioned how impatient I can be, this though does only tend to be with my self and with waiting for things ie. holidays, parties etc. I'd never have been able to even consider my new tutoring job without some level of patience. For others I do have a high tolerance level and recently I found a new test for my patience with others and also my self.

My Uncle decided to buy a laptop, now this is someone who in his late 50's has never ever used a computer before and not even a typewriter. He has "never needed" to and then recently he had seen how much information was available to find on the internet. He particularly is interested in people's biographies, especially those of TV and Film actors and actresses. A few times he would ask me about someone he'd heard of and if I knew of anything else they had been in, a few quick searches and then he'd have the information printed out to him in minutes.

With his new laptop he came round for his first "lesson", he knew how to switch it on and he was confused as to how the dongle worked. A few giggles and then we were on our way. I found he'd heard from people the best emails and sites for things and these weren't "my choices" so I listened and then showed him an alternative. We started getting things set up and he remarked how quickly I typed and asked why the keyboard wasn't in alphabetical order as that would make more sense!

There was always a computer in our house growing up and I'm pretty computer savvy although I do find talking to my computer helps me get through those "Why are you not f***ing doing what I asked you to do!" and similar shouty comments. I've picked up some keyboard shortcuts which are rubbish for showing people at first how to use a computer! Aargh! I got so frustrated in showing my Uncle how to use the computer I became impatient with myself. Not the best eh? Eventually there was progress as my Uncle seemed to be getting it. More lessons though soon.

If someone came along and moved all the keys around on my keyboard I'd be stumped!


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