Tuesday 18 January 2011

Sarah Loves... DJ Hero

I can get extremely addicted to games as you may have already spotted. For Christmas the lovely Spurs boy got me DJ Hero and I'm hooked. I played it non stop for a day in between Christmas and New Year. The next day he hid the turntable in our loft, a place I never go to - Spiders live in there!

I did a little bit of DJ'ing in my early 20's, and whilst I've never learnt to play any instrument to any certified level I'd say my instrument of musical choice would be the turntable. I did in my teens get into Dance ejay, does anyone remember that? I think now it's all under a different name of something but I was hooked on that too.

Not at all sure where my dance music influences came from at all. But I used to be *and prepare to be shocked* heavily into the garage music scene (and no it's not music you play in a garage Dad!). Anyone remember Shanks & Bigfoot?

Back in the day I used to mix Wookie's Battle with the Jaheim's Just In Case (Dubaholics Remix). I was cool! I was seriously making up for my not so cool early teen years, well I think I was!

So anyway DJ Hero... :-)

I haven't yet tried DJ Hero 2, it's sitting waiting in it's box still unwrapped. I worry if I open it I'll never stop playing the game. Do I have to stop?

What is DJ Hero?

And my favorite DJ Hero spin;

Have you played DJ Hero?


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