Thursday, 27 January 2011

On repeat...

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I've found two songs have been stuck in my head this week but for very different reasons. Music is very important to me and it helps shape my mood.

The first is Adele's Rolling in the Deep, I'm a big fan of hers and the song and video do not disappoint. I like that she kept the video simple but that it's pretty damn cool. The song has been stuck inside my head and I've been singing it through the week. Especially in the shower! Yes I do that! Don't you?

I find the beat gets stuck in your head first and you can't help but tap your foot along. I love it!

Adele's long awaited new album 21 came out this week and it's fabulous. I believe she's already No1 this week. Awesome! I love her!

The other has a controversial title "F**kin Perfect" by Pink, I always have been a Pink fan and she doesn't hold back and I like that. The video also is particularly good and there is also a clean version as she wants to get the message that we are all perfect out to people of all ages.

You'll all know I've talked countless times about weight issues on this blog so again I applaud Pink for putting it out there for everyone to see and of course hear. Also Adele has never conformed to what society apparently says she should look like, why should she?

Go kickass women! :-)

I'm just off to go and put the songs on repeat again!

So what have you been listening to recently?


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