Monday, 17 January 2011

Gardening and Springpad

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I love snowdrops, and I have started to see the odd bunch springing through around where we live, no flowers yet though but I can see where they are going to be budding. I do enjoy seeing them in random places. Last week after seeing the soon to be snowdrops flowering I got to think about the blissbubbley gardening project of 2011. Yes I'm quite the green fingered gardener. 

We don't have a lot of space as we live in a flat so our garden is of limited size, but does that stop me? No. I learnt a few lessons from last year which I will definitely use for experience into this year;
  • I will use hanging baskets again for my tomatoes, last year I had a mixture of both hanging and ones in pots. The ones in pots became over-watered (not by me but by Mr Rain) and they took ages to fruit and split once they did. I did get more tomatoes from my single hanging basket (obviously better drainage) than I did from the three potted ones I had. Lesson learnt :-)
  • I don't need to plant 4 or 5 runner bean plants. 1 or 2 will suffice. Last year we were seiged by runner beans which isn't so bad I guess but in such a small space the plants became HUGE!
  • I only started looking after my herb rock garden about June last year and it certainly didn't like me for ignoring it earlier in the year. I found I was buying more herbs in the supermarket shop than taking cuttings from them. Little bit of early effort and I'll be happy, and so hopefully will be Herbie Rock :-)
  • I learnt at the end of the gardening season how to properly take cuttings so be warned if you see me in your garden having a nosey (not in a trespassing way of course, you will have invited me round!)
  • Learn how to grow chillies. I failed last year. But I know a man who knows how to do this!
  • I will definitely be making my own newspaper plant pots that I blogged about last year, as they are obviously good for the environment and easy to make.
Spurs boy has no idea really about gardening so it's very much my domain. I like this. Although he does obey my little post it notes when I'm working late with "Please can you water the plants please x". Bless him!

So I'm very much in the planning stages but I know we will be growing Tomatoes, Runner beans, Chillies (Obviously from above) and then also Potatoes, Cabbage, Courgettes, Lettuce, Rocket and Strawberries. In the past week I've just started to use Springpad to organise my home and work projects, with an online web version and iPad, iPhone and Android versions too. It really is like having your own personal assistant, it's fantastic!

I honestly think you need Springpad in your life, check out the below video to see just why

Handy huh?

So I'm off to Springpad more ideas for the garden, any tips?


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