Monday 4 January 2010

Sherlock Holmes film- Go see it!

Sherlock Holmes is my second favourite film of 2009 (Inglorious Bastards is 1st and SH only came out Christmas Day!). I felt Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law were amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed their bromance. I have seen on other blogs/reviews that bromance is used to highlight a sexual relationship between the two characters, this is not what bromance means! Idiots...

This film is of course a Guy Ritchie/Joel Silver version of Sherlock Holmes and as a fan of Ritchie's previous work (maybe not Rock N Rolla) I knew we were in for some high speed action sequences - he did not disappoint. I admit the plot was somewhat limiting but it was more about the characters who have to solve the crime. I'm sure if there is to be another film (there is talk of this being a franchise) then the plot may have to be better but RDJ and Law's performance's were enough to cover the weak story; this was also helped by a good supporting cast too. There are a few accurate reviews I've seen and of course Watson has his own review too.

I thoroughly recommend the film though and hope the DVD release is packed full of extras as some scenes seemed to be cut from the trailers!

Also anyone notice a certain Manchester United footballer in the film? Well maybe not actually him but someone who looks a lot like him. Although if it is actually him can he stop acting for Ritchie now and START playing football...

Or is it Andy Garcia?

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