Monday, 20 July 2009

Taking note...

Do you use a notebook?

A friend suggested that I got one and now I can't live without it! Here's what I write in mine -

1 - Ideas for my blog- titles, ideas, draft copies of posts

2 - My idea for my story I'm writing - characters, plots, chapters

3 - Recipe Ideas I find - cupcakes mainly! Although I follow Jamie Oliver on twitter and he's always posting pictures of what he's cooked so I'm always getting recipes from his website

4 - Tips for fish care - any handy tips I read or hear. Currently researching live plants for my tank

5 - Butterfly list - Jot down any butterflies I see in the garden. On the look out for a painted lady (very rare)

6 - Things to do list - hate looking at this list sometimes to see how much I haven't done!

7 - Songs I hear to later buy, recommended films and TV programmes to watch

8 - My fantasy football and formula one teams

9 - Doodles - always doodling! It's the nearest I get to fine art!

10 - Any quotes I read or hear.

What do you write in yours?



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