Tuesday, 14 July 2009

One Tree Hill last night

So One Tree Hill last night kept us waiting to see just who was the funeral for...Quentin. At the end you see young hopeful basketball player Quentin getting shot at a petrol station. Poor Jamie who has grown ever fond of his new role model, and had made Quentin a cape just like the one he has.

Lucas and Peyton return with their engagement news to find a badly bruised Brooke who does not tell them about the attack at her store and instead says that she fell down the stairs. Brooke turns to the only person she knows who can help her, Deb. Brooke is now unconfident and is out for revenge for what happened to her. It's not clear if the attack has anything to do with her mother as the designs that she was just about to put forward were stolen during the attack. Of course her mother wanted those designs and she's a mean piece of work and nothing is beyond what she would do to get them. Deb a little bit side tracked by Jamie having seen her kissing Skills earlier in the day, arrives at Brooke's request to meet her and is totally shocked by the state of Brooke. Deb is told everything but is asked to not tell anyone about what really happened. Brooke asks if she still has her gun, and asks if Deb will show her how to use it. Of course with all the trouble with Dan she knows about revenge and the need for protection.

Speaking of Dan, he is still being kept hostage but now Carrie knows he doesn't have long left and was on the list for a heart transplant (his beeper went just as he was hit by her car!) so her plan for setting him up as the kidnapper of Jamie is now not looking promising.

Nathan and Haley are told by the doctor that Nathan's back might hold out for a few years but he could put himself back into a wheelchair for the rest of his life if he overdoes it. Nathan tells Haley he wants to be a husband and father before playing basketball, but basketball is all Nathan knows? He can't give it up? Can he?



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