Wednesday, 14 November 2012

My Blogging Manual

With the Google Panda, Penguin, Elephant, Squirrel updates making the internet a bit of a nightmare for some bloggers and website owners I thought I'd share a few of my tips. I've had this space on the internet now for over three years and I've learnt a lot about myself and what you lot who take the time to come back like and don't like. So here are my tips;

Make a series 

I have a very successful Music Monday post and a very new but very popular Friday File. I've had other series in the past which might come back at some point but these two are my regular ones for now. People like routine and you can plan these weeks in advance. You're more likely to get people looking through at the rest of the series if they visit your page just once. You can create your own series on hop on with others, the main ones are the photo only posts called Silent Sunday and Wordless Wednesday.

Follow other bloggers

There's a great blogging community out there and you'll find you've got a great support system there. Some will ask you for advice and others will be on hand when you can't work out why your image won't centre properly. There are so many ways to follow each other through social networking as well as the blog itself. There is the argument that you should follow those in the same category as yours which is true but also follow the things that you love, I follow a lot of food blogs. I love food (have you noticed?).

Take the time to say hello

Like the above comment, don't just follow and leave. Say hello. There's more of a chance that you'll get talking more if you make an effort. I've gained lots of blog friends this way across many social networks. If you read something and it really makes you think "That's brilliant" or you have the answer the blogger needs - COMMENT!

Get personal

I've got personal a few times on here and each time it has been greatly received. People shared back and I know it helped me and others. I would recommend using your writing at times to be personal but be careful to balance it with some "normal" stuff. People don't want to just read about issues all the time.

Find a second outlet

Some people just have their blog and that's it. For me, I find Tumblr and Pinterest are my other outlets, I can send this blog across them and get more followers and friends and also get to curate other things that I love. Food... mainly :-) Make sure again you balance a "bit of your own blog" with "other stuff". Don't get too promotional all the time and people will just love you. Ok, like you a bit ;-)


I've had writers block a few times and it can be so frustrating! Now I've found that reading helps; blogs, books, newspapers. Reading content every day will help you to come up with some ideas for future posts. I also find listening to music helps me to focus on writing. When you're reading blogs, take the time to read the comments. Normally find some real gems in the comments on some of the tech blogs like Mashable and TechCrunch.


Having your own space on the internet can be quite overwhelming at times, yes it can! Just remember to be yourself and people will appreciate your honesty and opinion.

So Google Animal updates might be making some people's heads spin but I think going back to those above tips might help you to keep you smiling for now. Now does anyone want to send me a real panda or a penguin?


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