Thursday 3 February 2011

The Nail Varnish Obsession

My Mum loved Mary Quant cosmetics when she was growing up and I admit I did love all the make up bits and bobs that she had when I was going through my "want to look older" years. I was particularly taken by all the different nail colours.

For one of my birthdays (I think it was my 18th- rubbish memory) we went to the Mary Quant shop in London and I was simply shocked by all the available nail colours as I looked at them like a kid in a sweet shop. When I shopped for nail colours in local stores there were about 10-15 and now I was looking at about 60 different colours! I remember my Dad was particularly nervous that day as he probably thought this was going to get expensive.

I remember I chose two (quite restrained really wasn't I?), one was a dark grey colour and the other was a dark purple (purple - what a surprise!) and at first I never wanted to use them as they looked pretty on my table. How stupid is that? Buy a nail varnish and then not use it. Doh! Anyway I did use them and then over the years I bought a few more. I was never into pastel type colours, I like the bright colours. 

Now there are so many companies with a wide range of nail colours, OPI, Barry M and Models Own are amongst my favourites. I still tend to go for the same bright colours but I focus more on the blues and purples. I'm really liking the different dark greys and I've started buying some of the glittery ones for nights out too. 

Leave me here, I promise I won't buy anything. Maybe...

I've noticed a certain glint in the eye from my God-daughter when she sees my nail varnish stacks on my make-up dresser. I know that look. I'm only too happy to pass on my knowledge, and it means shopping and I never turn that down :-)


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