Thursday 4 February 2010

I wanted a cleaner but got iRobot?

Before you ask this isn't the Will Smith film! I had mentioned moaned to Spurs boy that getting a cleaner would be a nice idea for the flat as I just hate hoovering and dusting and just general housework. He seemed happy with the idea and then decided that he would buy a iRobot Roomba Vacuum cleaning Robot to solve the problem.

Now don't get me wrong I'm pleased as I no longer have to sweep floors or do any hoovering but I watched it whizz around the place cleaning - I'm supposed to let it get on with it so I can do other things! 

Also it's quite weird to watch it go back to its 'hub' to recharge! Clever little thing!

However it doesn't do the dusting? Maybe I need an actual robot to do that?

This was bought from Lakeland and I'll do another post about the other gadgets we're buying from there. Maybe this is another addiction? Haha

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