Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Brits Fury


Last week it was The Brit Awards and yes I realise I'm a bit late in writing about this but I've been a bit astounded that people moaned on the night about the awards and are also continuing to do so. The Brit Awards are an award show for mainstream music, they do not cater for every music fan and I thought that had been pretty obvious in the previous years. Apparently my twitter feed suggested not and also that people had nothing better to do than tweet their fury for the entire show - you don't get made to watch it!

This year I had no idea about the nominations at all, actually no that's not true. I knew that Amy Winehouse was nominated as that had been on the news. I figured One Direction, Taylor Swift and Emeli Sande would be scooping the majority of the awards. I still chose to watch it and I might actually have only tweeted once during the show, I tweeted in defence of One Direction! 

Moving on... quickly!

The nominations then were a surprise to me, so much so that I spent most of the evening saying "Ooh I like them... and them... and them... ooh and them". I was surprised in a good way, yes there were the expected awards to One Direction, Emeli Sande and Adele but Mumford & Sons, The Black Keys and Ben Howard were fantastic winners but unexpected to me. Yes the programme was full of a certain credit company name emblazoned on anything in shot and yes James Corden is now slightly annoying but the show is what it is - a mainstream music show. 

I seemed to know how to use the remote and used it to turn the volume up, others should have just switched off. Think of all the other things you could have been doing or you could have been listening to the music you love!

People are so silly. 


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