Friday, 22 June 2012

Get Glue hates me

Hate might be a strong word to use as they might not hate me as such but they sure don't like me. I joined Get Glue a few years ago but only started properly using it about a year ago. Get Glue is a social network where you 'check in' to your TV programmes as you are watching them. The same with films, music, books etc. You can collect stickers which can be mailed to you when you have collected so many and I have been lucky enough to receive some. 

Then I started recommending the app out on social networks and from October last year I haven't had any more stickers. I still use the app and have the widget on my sidebar as you'll see if you scroll down but I'm not sure what I've done for them to not send me any stickers any more. 

I've contacted the support email a few times with NO REPLY. Which automatically gets my rude alert button on activate. So I'm obviously not promoting the social network as a whole but I will say at it's very least that it helps you with where you are in a TV programme. But that's about it. 



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