Saturday 21 January 2012

Walkers Crisps - What's That Flavour?

You might have noticed a few reviews for Walkers Crisps on my site over my blog history and I'm here again telling you about some new crisps that will be hitting the shelves. Only these have a bit of mystery to them... so do we have any budding taste detectives? (Ha! see what I did there!)


Walkers have launched three new flavours and they are....

Well that's what you have to work out! ;-)

All we know is there is a dairy flavour, a meaty flavour and a spicy flavour. Now it's down to the taste test which is where you get to join in and you could win £50,000!

The crisps are now hitting the shelves and from now until Friday 9th March you can enter your guess at or on One winner will be drawn from all of the correct entries for each of the mystery flavours, winning £50,000 each.

Full terms and conditions are on

Entrants must be over 16 to be eligible for the £50,000 prize.

The crisps will be available in single 32.5g bags, a Variety 6 pack (all three mystery flavours) and also in these 6 pack variations.

4 x Cheese & Onion and 2 x Mystery Flavour A
4 x Ready Salted and 2 x Mystery Flavour B
4 x Salt & Vinegar and 2 x Mystery Flavour C

This is what the packets look like
If you want a tip... keep checking the as a series of clues will be announced. 

I'm off to the shops for some more to taste test!




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