Friday 21 August 2009

7 Tips to Help You Help Yourself Today

1. Make sure anger isn't spoiling your life!

Anger is an interesting emotion indeed. There are those who are angry at everyone and everything it seems (including being angry at themselves for past mistakes). And then there are those people who never seem to get angry. The thing is, though, bad stuff happens in life - to all of us! - and healthily expressing that anger, when the bad stuff occurs, is, er, healthy!

So make sure you
are dealing with your anger in a healthy way.

Be more assertive!

I firmly believe that the world would be a better place if we were all a little more assertive. It would mean that people would say 'no' when they meant 'no', etc. It would mean that minor issues would be dealt with there and then - they would not, as often happens, fester for days or months or years to become something much less pleasant (and damaging, to all concerned).

I used to be an expert in not being assertive, so I realise being assertive isn't something you can just switch on, but assertiveness really is an important skill to develop nevertheless.

3. Learn how to communicate effectively!

Communication skills that we all should possess and develop include verbal skills, and non-verbal skills like written and body language skills. Chances are none of us are experts at all these forms of communication. So I say you should congratulate yourself on your good communication skills (but don't take them for granted) and develop those skills that you lack. Again, everyone benefits from clear, effective communication. Go to it! ;-)

Appreciate what you have, from time to time!

Personal development is all very well and good, but life is also about enjoying yourself in the here and now. Take time to recognise the many opportunities and friendships you have in your life right now, and enjoy them! Today. There really is no need to pursue happiness - you can actually let contentment find you.

Have a more positive attitude!

Positivity does not mean that you need to feel that everything is wonderful, all of the time. Clearly, we all have bad days. Having a positive attitude to life really is summed up by the words in this song, "Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative..." In other words, instead of always looking for what's wrong in a situation try and see if you can find what's right in it. You won't always succeed, but life will be more fun whilst you're trying. :-)

6. Love yourself, every day!

Ah, self-love, self -esteem and self confidence, 3 great qualities to possess. If you really love and believe in yourself, you really will achieve more in life and get more of the things that you think are important.

7. Don't fear success! Don't fear failure!

Fear of success and fear of failure are, apparently, fear of the same thing: fear of the unknown. So I say, don't fear the unknown! Everything is unknown until it is known. "There's nothing you can do, that can't be done": that's what John Lennon sang, and he basically meant that anything is possible - you just have to believe it, first.

Again, not fearing success (or failure) is easier said than done. It is still possible - just take the first step, and then the next...

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S. said...

My favorite one is loving yourself <3 and then appreciating and being happy in all that we can =D
The Love is... picture is super cute ^^

Keep posting, u rock ^^
Cya =D